Rangers of Bearheart Return!

Current Campaign Date:

Golden Eagle,_ in the Year 3125

Recent Notices:

This is the home of the Shaintar Justice and Life campaign “Rangers of Bearheart”.

It takes place near the city of Bearheart, in the north of Olara, between The Forges and the Southern Range.

A Terrible Vampire known as “The Morden” threatens Olara. The Shadowlord, Vainar the Fallen has risen in Shaya’nor. While things seem ever darker, the Rangers of Bearheart have struck a blow to the Necromancer Esha and the forces of Darkness by obtaining and then destroying a powerful relic of Darkness: The Chalice.

Now the Rangers seek to restore Belak’s Dwarven Clanhome of Lokendhuum and bring the fight to the Morden before all of Olara falls under his shadow.

Shaintar_J&L_Rangers of Bearheart

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