Rangers of Bearheart

Greyson’s Grey Rangers in Olara:

As Bearheart is fully within Olara, the Rangers have no official jurisdiction in the cities. Their relationship with the royal army and city guard is somewhat complicated. While the army and guard stay fully occupied patrolling both the cities and areas around Bearheart, the Rangers patrol the towns, villages, roads, and wilderness. Attitudes differ greatly regarding this arrangement. While plenty of soldiers and guards welcome the rangers, some resent their involvement. The rank and file are ordered to respect the arrangement; and it is strongly enforced. However, ranking Olaran officers have the final say in who has jurisdiction in any situation, and encounters can sometimes be ugly. Rangers assigned to Bearheart are encouraged to know their local officers and avoid stepping on any toes.

As a ranger of Bearheart, you are expected to regularly patrol the roads East, West, and South of the city. Any lawbreaking is to be addressed unless a local force is already handling it, in which case you should offer assistance. More unique situations, including those involving magic or creatures of flame, should be handled by you directly. (between you and me- you are more likely qualified for such things. If you need help- use your best judgment when requesting aid from either local sources or the Rangers.)


The Rangers maintain a headquarters about an hour’s ride outside of Bearheart on a jutting rocky hill overlooking the city and surrounding areas. This gives them a very useful view of the land that they are rarely able to use. The rangers are expected to stay on the move, patrol the lands, and maintain relations with the local villages.

The headquarters is a former lookout abandoned by the Olaran army for better defended keeps. It is built of solid stone, but it too small to house a large force and cannot withstand a prolonged assault. Instead, there is a well-devised escape tunnel that leads a few miles away into a natural cave. The building itself is actually quite nice, built by the dwarves, and is still in quite good condition. It houses a small group of rangers quite comfortably with extra room. There are secret rooms to stash weapons and other valuable items, however, as it won’t be guarded, store your valuables there at your own risk.

The keepis also currently unfurnished except for bedframes, a dining table, and a few chairs in various conditions. You will have to collect your own firewood.

Good luck, rangers, and be sure to send regular reports.

Rangers of Bearheart

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