Shaintar_J&L_Rangers of Bearheart

Session 28:
Trailing Esha

XP: 3

Session 27:
Against the Werewolves

XP: 2

Session 26:
Free Lokendhuum

XP: 3

Session 25:
The Jade Flame

XP: 4

Session 24:
Into Lokendhuum

XP: 3

Session 23:
The Road to Anvil

The PCs left Bearheart for Belak’s lost clanhome. Not knowing its exact location (beyond “western Forges”). They stopped in Anvil and paid a small fee to access Clan Coalfire’s archives. An epic investigation roll from Roderick uncovered the location and secret entrance to Belak’s clanhome.

They decided to then leave for the clanhome directly through the mountains, at a slow pace, but avoiding encounters. Unfortunately, they were soon attacked by a dwarven druid and a force of professional clan soldiers. It was obvious the druid was after the chalice.

After a brief fight, the druid became riled up and used her magic to steal the chalice from Zaturak’s bag while he was distracted with the fight. Zaturak noticed, and fended off the stone hands, but was pulled deep into the earth. This is where we left off.

XP: 2

Session 22:
Dinner with Lady Minna

The rangers spent some time in Bearheart preparing for their next quest: to destroy the chalice. A celestial being informed Zaturak that the surest way to destroy the chalice was to use the supernatural heat of the “Jade Flame”. This led them to investigate the Order of the Jade Flame. As it turns out, a Warrior-Adept named Jaliss was in Bearheart and on his way back to the order outside of Bearheart.

There, they learned of the “Jade Flame:” a magical phenomena that manifested at certain loci and were often utilized by Adepts. If they could find one, they could use the magic of the flame to destroy the chalice. There, one of the older adepts, a Farseer, saw the family coat-of-arms on Belak’s cesti and recognized it. It was known that his clan guarded a Jade Flame at its clanhome. Unfortunately, it was now being held by agents of the Malakar Dominion.

It was decided that now was the time to journey to the clanhome. The Order sent 2 adepts: a warrior and a scholar.

Before departing, the rangers were joined by 2 goblinesh from the local Glazmish gather. Jerzy, the ogre warrior, and his friend (and handler) Bigg, the goblin; as well as a priest- a new friend of Zaturak who was spared despite the new war in the North.

Back in Bearheart, the rangers had dinner with Lady Minna, filling her in on their latest exploits. As usual, she was very curious and offered help.

After the dinner, they retired to their outpost. The adepts from the Order of the Jade flame, as well as Bigg and Jerzy were waiting for them. Early in the night, during Belak’s watch, someone was caught trying to scale the walls. Belak was able to put a couple bolts into him, sending him running. He would have caught him, but he tossed a couple smoke bombs, drank a healing potion, and escaped on horseback toward Bearheart.

XP: 2

Session 21:
A Day in the Life.

After recovering the chalice, the rangers returned to Bearheart. The rangers met their new addition, Roderick; a human sorcerer and alchemist from Galea. With the help of the Church and a skilled blacksmith, they were able to melt down the black iron weapons they recovered from the temple, but not the chalice.

While guarding the chalice at the smith’s shop, at the stroke of 13th hour, on Darkest Night, the chalice began filling with blood from nowhere. The blood began to boil, and black steam filled the air. The steam coalesced into a trio of specters. While the rangers fought them, one of the smith’s apprentices was sent off to get a priest. The other became entranced and tried to take the cup. Fortunately, the rangers were able to defeat the specters and stop the apprentice.

Outside, things became chaotic as an elf fell to his knees, stricken with a sudden illness. Healing magic seemed to help slightly, but could not cure the disease. By the time the rangers made it to the church, the priests were busy putting down nearly all the dead in the cemetery.

This is where our campaign felt the effects of Rise of the Fallen story arc.

After a few days of investigation and divination, it is learned that Vainar has risen in the north, and a plague has fallen over the fey of Shaintar.

They spent a few weeks in Bearheart training, outfitting their outpost, and crafting potions.

XP: 2

Session 20:
The Sunken Shrine to Vainar

The party patched its wounds after the short fight with the Nightmare, they followed the large and obvious tracks up the ravine to their end. They came to a large opening straight down into the rock. Standing next to the hole was a builder golem, it’s arm ended at the wrist, with a chain hanging down into the hole. Next to the golem was a ghoul, and across the chasm from the PCs was another ghoul, readying a crossbow.

The battle was brief. The first ghoul died instantly with a shot in the face from Belak’s crossbow. The ghoul near the golem was obviously hesitant. After defeating the golem, a brief discussion with the ghoul showed that he was corrupted by Esha through trickery, and he regretted it. He agreed to tell the rangers about what awaited them, if they promised to kill him. They agreed.

They descended 50 feet into the pit with the chain, freed from the golem’s forearm. Before they could hit the ground, 2 more necromancers opened fire with magic. Zaturak entered his dregordian battle rage and leapt onto the first necromancer, pinning him to the floor. The second necromancer fled back into a tunnel, Zaturak in tow. The rangers pursued, and were able to kill him just before reaching the end.

The tunnel led into the long-lost shrine to Vainar. A large hexagonal room contained a raised platform in the center with a pillar covered in skulls and various of trapping of Vainar and necromancy. A woman clad in an expensive dress, holding a scroll was busy manipulating various part of the pillar. A troll guarded her, staying close by. The second golem stood near the entrance.

An epic battle ensued. Graham was killed, his white silver blade mangled by the digging tools of the golem. Zaturak fought valiantly, but ran out of essence and fell into a coma when draining his soul for more. Belak and Avahr managed to finally defeat the troll. Esha failed to open the pillar and so cast invisibility on herself and managed to escape during the fight.

After the fight, Zaturak finally awoke, and the Rangers were able, with a prayer to Achanon, finally open the pillar and retrieve the Chalice. Zaturak grasped the chalice and his hand was pierced by a needle, filling the chalice with his blood. They swept the chalice into a bag and left the shrine.

Belak rigged the defeated golem to explode, caving in the temple. They left, heading back to Bearheart.

XP: 3

Session 19:


XP: 3


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