Shaintar_J&L_Rangers of Bearheart

Session 18:


XP: 2

Session 17:
South Into Darkness


XP: 2

Session 16:
Dowsing the Flames

The PCs began the session by loading up the crazed dwarfs and trekking down the mountain toward Bearheart to find a Priest to help. They parted ways with their friends in Selig’s Soldiers, and journeyed the rest of the way on their own.

Along the way, 3 of the dwarfs perished from the results of a fever-like condition. The second, quite spectacularly, as his chest burst open, sending his cooked guts all over. As things got more perilous, they pushed on harder to Bearheart in hopes of saving the tavern-owners’ son, who began to look like the next to go.

Once they came within site of the walls of Bearheart, they were stopped by an Olaran military patrol. In hopes of keeping any potentially contagious disease contained, they sent for a priest. Just as their patient seemed nearly lost, the priest arrived and was able to determine the curse that afflicted him and cast it out. The same was performed on the other two dwarfs, and their wounds were magically healed as best he could. The tavern-owners’ son would be permanently scarred, but at least he lived.

The Rangers cleaned up and rested a while at the church, where they spoke with a more senior priest about the situation. The priest said he would arrange for the blood steel ore to be contained and, if possible, destroyed. Zaturak was given a few books to read about the Church of Light. They learned about a possible “Vampire problem to the south,” and decided their first official task as the Rangers of Bearheart would be to investigate this problem. The church assigned 3 curates to accompany the Rangers.

The Rangers met with 2nd Lieutenant Bardo, their Olaran military liaison. He gave them official writs allowing them access to areas of the keep and the authority to conduct Ranger business around Bearheart. He took them to the old Dwarven watchtower which would be their headquarters.

Belak sought some white silver to be forged onto his ancestral cesti and was referred to Lady Minna. There, Belak was able to strike a deal for a small amount of white silver which one of the Lady’s blacksmiths was happy to forge onto his cestus.

Finally, the party set out southward to see what they could find out about the “vampire problem” there. They traveled for two days when they encountered a pair of druids; a human and a korindian with her tiger companion. They exchanged polite greetings and shared that they heard about some undead spotted around a town to the southeast. The rangers followed the lead. Before they could reach the town, they realized they were being watched. It turned out to be a group of zombies. A short battle was had, and they pressed on toward the town…

XP: 3

Session 15:
A Quiet Drink With Enemies

Date: 33 White River 3024

After the Siege of Bearheart began, the previous Rangers of Bearheart were assigned to secret missions against Prelacy forces. Their actions remain secret to this day.

GM Note: After my last campaign ended, I now have 2 new players and this seemed like a convenient way to sweep away the old characters.

…A year and a half later, Grayson’s Grey Rangers have assigned 2 brand new Rangers to Bearheart. The first is Ranger First Class Belak, a dwarven former low-level officer in the Olaran army stationed at Rhion. The other is Ranger Zaturak, a dregordian adept believing himself to be in Olara on a mission from Archanon himself.

The rangers convened at The Torchlight, a tavern in The Forges along a route used by miners and the dwarves there. They played a few rounds of cards and made friends with some members of Selig’s Soldiers, a local mercenary company. Belak relieved the soldiers of some of their recently earned coin. Mid-evening, a group of rival mercenaries- members of the Red Hawks (reputedly affiliated with the Maelstrom) entered and began causing trouble. A fight soon broke out with the Rangers and Selig’s Soldiers on one side vs. the Red Hawks on the other.

Some well-placed chicanery of the Adept kind kept the fight from becoming bloody, but before long, the fight was interrupted by a parade of crazed dwarves who emerged from the tavern’s cellar. Belak managed to pin one flailing dwarf while the five were knocked unconscious. The Red Hawks left the scene, while Selig’s Soldiers accompanied the Rangers into the cellar to investigate.

They discovered that the Tavern Owner’s son had struck a vein of Blood Steel ore (blood iron?) below the tavern, which somehow caused the dwarves working in the mine to become irrational and violent. Knowing that evil magic was at hand, the Rangers and mercenaries made a vow, sealed in blood, to tell nobody other than a qualified authority about what was found there.

The Rangers then decided that they would do whatever they could to help the dwarf victims…

XP: 5 (the PCs first session)

Session 14:
On the Necromancer's Heels

The PCs pursued the necromancer northward out of Bearheart. She was able to keep ahead of the group, thanks to her physical abilities, but they were able to follow her trail.

…which unfortunately led directly into the oncoming face of the advancing Prelacy army. They hunkered down and managed to observe the army as it passed. Sharp eyes caught sight of a woman riding alongside a mounted knight of Camon. A sharp ogre nose also caught the faint waft of rotting flesh from her, amid the stink of hundreds of marching soldiers. After a short while, the knight ordered a guard of 6 mounted light cavalry to escort her away from the army. The rangers of Bearheart followed them to a nearby town, which had been abandonded days ago for the protected walls of Bearheart.

A battle ensued. The knights put up a good fight against the rangers. Surrounded, Thorgrin the ogre was finally lightly wounded by the knights, but he managed to defeat them.

On the other end of the battlefield, a Camonese knight bearing a distinct scar over most of his face and neck and filled with rage attacked Tsar-jai the Eldakar sorcerer without mercy, screaming about how “they” needed to be rid from the world. The sorcerer fell and was injured, but is expected to recover.

The necromancer cast a spell and was transformed into a black, smoky whisp and ran from the battlefield and through the wall into a nearby building, escaping yet again.

Next session will continue against the fight enraged knight and the search for the necromancer within the abandoned town.

XP: 2 for everyone

Session 13:
A necromancer's hasty exit

The game began a couple weeks after the last session. The party was discussing the recent events in Bearheart when a sudden commotion was heard near one of the city’s gates. When they approached, they saw a large cargo wagon trying to exit through the gate. The driver was having an argument with a guard who was telling him that the gate was only to be used for the stream of incoming villagers looking for shelter from the oncoming Prelacy army.

Suddenly, there was a crash and the wagon tipped over and a large pile of corpses spilled out. A moment later, the corpses animated and began attacking the civilians.

The PCs immediately intervened and began attacking the zombies and skeletons. They proved to be tougher than expected, but a few well-placed swings of Thorgrin’s mace sent them flying. Eventually, it was noticed that one of the corpses, instead of attacking civilians, was attempting to slip through the gate in the chaos. The PCs chased her down. She stepped just outside the wall, beyond site, where it turned out she summoned a nightmare and mounted it. They tried to stop her, but only managed to delay her escape slightly.

Tsar-jai Moonsinger, the eldakar sorcerer came to the ranger’s aid. This is a new character for Steve W, which he is trying out.

After the battle, all but one of the civilians were saved. The rangers found out that the fleeing woman was most likely a necromancer in disguise, known only as “Esha”. A team of local priests had been tracking her down and were close to doing so. It’s believed she needed to make a hasty exit from the city before she was trapped there during the siege.

The rangers have decided to continue tracking Esha for now, leaving Bearheart to the protection of the army.

XP: 5 for Tsar-jai Moonsinger, 2 for everyone else.

Session 12:
Just in time for the invasion

Having captured Ongar, Darsh and Skoriss began taking him back to Lt. Bardo with the help of the wall guard. Along the way, they were ambushed by some of Lord Captain Wehn’s soldiers. In the battle, Ongar nearly escaped, leaving the guard dead. Darsh managed to capture him again, while Skoriss succumbed to his battle rage and drove off Wehn’s soldiers.

Meanwhile, Silvilagus quickly found the soldier who carried away the scroll from Ongar previously. He was in Lord Wehn’s office along with 2 other soldiers reading it. He was able to entangle the group and with after a brief tussle, was able to escape with the scroll.

Ongar was brought it, Erston was taken into protective custody, and Skoriss was arrested for murdering soldiers. Lord Arnwald held a special military trial and the Rangers were found to be truthful in their claims. Ongar was arrested; the sections of the walls he intentionally sabotaged were repaired as much as possible and reinforced with soldiers; and a number of sabotaged ballistae were repaired. Despite this, the people of Bearheart still don’t know how to feel about the Rangers.

All of this quickly became irrelevant, however, as long-distance patrols came in to report that a large force of the Prelacy’s army was on the way to Bearheart. Horns and bells were sounded in alarm. Beacon fires were lit, the surrounding villages were immediately called into the city, and the army began final preparations for war.

As the session came to a close, near the gates of the city, panic broke out. This is where we will pick up next session.

Silvilagus’ Interlude: Desire
One day, when traveling through the Vaiwood forest, Silvilagus found a young child separated from his caravan. He calmed him and helped him meet back with the caravan, reuniting him with his family. This was the first time Silvilagus became curious about his own origin, and has been looking for his family ever since.

XP: 3

Session 11:

After interviewing Erston, the siege engineer, Darsh and Thorgrin decided to keep an eye on Erston in the construction site where they built the siege engines. Soldiers loyal to Lord Captain Wehn were arriving and keeping an eye on Erston. Darsh snuck up and was able to overhear a conversation, discovering that they were going to “make a move” on him later- after his shift was over.

Darsh left to warn the other PCs at that point.

Meanwhile, across town, Silvilagus and Skoriss arrived at Ongar’s office to find him leaving a meeting with one of Wehn’s soldiers, who carried a scroll. It was clear from the ink stains on his hands that Ongar had recently written the scroll.

Following Ongar on his rounds along the city’s walls, Silvilagus was attacked suddenly by Ongar. short fight ensued. One of the wall patrols came to Ongar’s defense, but in a surprise turn of events sided with the Rangers. Apparently, the soldier already suspected Ongar. The PCs were able to capture Ongar with the help of the recently arrived Darsh.

Now all they have to do is convince the people of Bearheart of his guilt. To do that, they hope to retrieve the scroll carried by Wehn’s soldier.

Darsh’s Interlude: Love
Years ago, before joining the Rangers, Darsh loved a young Korindian maiden. They would often go fishing together in her father’s boat. One clumsy day, Darsh capsized the boat, losing the day’s catch as well as valuable fishing gear. This felt like the universe telling Darsh that he was on the wrong path in life, and so he soon left Korindia and joined Grayson’s Gray Rangers.

Thorgrin’s Interlude: Victory
This was the story of how Thorgrin earned his large oaken door, which he now uses as his shield. The story can actually be read here: Thorgrin Vhash.

XP: 2

Session 10:
Cracks in the Walls

The session began with the arrival of the newest ranger, ??, along with his SO, Bernfried- a native Olaran. They split up in order to gather information on the current state of Bearheart. ?? spent a day in the Fae quarter, learning of recent events and even spun some tales of the Gray Rangers, bolstering their support among the elves there.

Spending some time in meetings with Lieutenant Bardo, the PCs decided to begin a more active investigation into “the list”. Beginning with one name: the dwarf, Erston K√∂hlermann, a siege weapon engineer. His name appeared as one slated for assassination.

They interviewed him and found that he was almost exclusively responsible for the design and maintenance of the city’s advanced medium ballistae. He had recently been frequent contact with Ongar, another dwarf who’s name appeared on the list- this one, presumably, as a traitor. Ongar is responsible for maintaining the walls of the city. It is known that nobody knows the walls like he does.

The plan at this point is to keep watch on both dwarves and see what happens next.

XP: 2

Session 9:
Trouble in Bearheart

After the defeat of the Prelacy forces north of Bearheart, the PCs discovered that it was a meeting between the spies in Bearheart and a group of paladins from Camon. It was deduced that a few of the names from “the list” were slated for assassination, while a few were traitors.

Silvilagus explored the cave, melding through the stone and discovered a tunnel had been dug and collapsed behind it. A box of 2 more “handcasters” and a cylinder of crystals were also found.

The two well-equipped “officers” were taken into custody and returned to Bearheart, while the lower-ranking soldiers were let go.

On the return trip to Bearheart, a group of young dwarven miners were met and discouraged by the news of Prelacy forces, deciding to return to Bearheart with the PCs.

When they finally reentered the city, it was discovered that their previous prisoner’s head exploded not long after they left. It was suspected that Lord Captain Meiner Wehn, who’s name appeared on the list as a suspected traitor, had visited the prisoner and had been speaking out against the Rangers since. Soldiers from his company intercepted the party, while one of the city guards escorted them to Lt. Bardo. Bardo’s soldiers, along with Wehn’s soldiers took the new prisoners into custody.

A long discussion was had with Bardo. Important names appeared on the list as traitors to Bearheart, including an expert on the city’s defenses. Lord Captain Wehn was no longer to be trusted, but evidence would be needed against him.

The PCs will now spend some time within the city dealing with the factions aligning against them while trying to prepare it for the coming invasion.


3 for everyone.


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