Thorgrin Vhash

Ogre ex gladiator slave

Stat Die Stat Value
Agility d6 Pace 7
Smarts d6 Parry 10 (2) +1 to be hit
Spirit d4 Tough 14 (2)
Strength d12 Charisma -4
Vigor d12 Resource d6
Fighting d12 Survival d4
Intimidation d4 Taunt d4
Notice d6 (+2 smell) Throwing d4
Stealth d6
Hindrances, Edges, Languages, Interests
Edges Hindrances Languages Defining Interests
Behemoth Code of Honor (M) Goblinesh The Unchained
Powerful Illiterate (m) Olaran Fae
More Than Muscle Loyal (m) Doors
Obligations – Gray Rangers (m)
Animosity – Kal-A-Nar (m)
Stout Oaken Door*
Piece-meal gladiator armor**
Ogre Mace
Ogre Sword
*: Counts as Large Shield

**: Counts as full Scale Armor

Current XP: 18
5 Brawny
10 Sweep
15 Fleet Footed

Thorgrin was born near Glazmish Gather. When he was 2 yrs old, slavers from the Kal-Anar empire raided the gather, and shipped him off to the gladiator pits. The next 14 years were particularly grueling for him, and he grew in both size and power. The regimens were designed to build his strength and size. On his 14th birthday, he fought his first gladiator battle. Though victorious, he suffered several moderate slashes to his legs and torso. The crowd in the arena favored him, and he soon became one of the more popular fighters in the pit. Over 4 years of fighting, he had amassed a record of 73 – 3 – 3. And earned the nickname of "".

Perhaps the most memorable moment of his fighting career came during a fight with 2 draegordians, during which one of the opponents sundered his shield. On the defensive, he backed up to one of the doors into the arena. He managed to fend of the foes long enough to rip the door off of its hinges and use it as a makeshift shield. It was so effective, and the crowd was so impressed by the move, that he had proper shield straps mounted to the door and proceeded to use it as his shield for the rest of his fighting career.

Thorgrin’s first taste of freedom came when a group calling themselves the Unchained raided his barracks on a moonless night. Recovering from a particularly brutal fight, he didn’t notice the intruders until they sunk several large needles into his arms. The poison they injected into him worked quickly, and blackness overtook him. He regained consciousness three days later in a large camp on the outskirts of the Aralon Forest. His entire life consisted of the walls and cages of the gladiator pits, making the unfamiliar open surrounding even more frightening. The group gave him plenty of time and room to exhaust his rage, and eventually explained to him who they were, and why they had freed him. For the next three months, he traveled with the group, learning how to survive outside of the arena, and basic societal rules. The group encouraged him to stay with them, but also insisted that he was free, and could leave any time he wished. When the group met with a travelling squad of Gray Rangers, he was impressed with their code of honor, and their promise of adventure. When the two groups went their separate ways, Thorgrin chose to join the Rangers.

Of course, in the Rangers, everyone earns their keep, and Thorgrin was no exception. Due to his size and strength, he was often tasked with the heaviest loads, and largest stones to set into the walls of keeps and outposts. He occasionally volunteered to pull plows through farmers’ fields in the spring, and carry vast loads of goods to the towns at harvest time.

Thorgrin Vhash

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