Belak, Ranger First Class

Dwarven officer


Character Sheet

Born of a noble bloodline of a nearly forgotten Clanhome in the Forges range of Olara, Belak was smuggled away when raiders of the Malakar Dominion invaded, though Belak never learned why . He was brought to the city Rhion and given to a smithy family that had traded with the Dwarves on occasion. They were given money to take care of Belak, but unfortunately they wanted the money without the responsibility. He was drawn to the forge, but the family wanted him to be gone and tired of locking him out of the forge, especially since he seemed to be able to get inside anyway. Eventually when he was old enough, he was kicked out of the house.

Still a young child, he lived in the only place he could find: on the streets. It was a rough childhood, but he learned the way of the streets and how to fight. He was known for the two cesti he had kept close to him, a family heirloom with the sigil of his family: a mountain surrounded by a golden crown with seven tiny red gems on the crown.

When he was old enough, he joined the military. He showed great promise and even managed to attain rank, but one day after several years, he came across another dwarf, one who knew about his family. From this dwarf he learned about the history of his people, of his clanhome and of the nobles. Hearing legends of the infamous clanhome and the tragic fall to the Malakar Dominion, Belak desired to reclaim the lost clanhome and restore his lineage to its rightful place among the dwarves.

He left the military and joined the Grey Rangers, hoping through this organization he would be able to reclaim his home.


Belak, Ranger First Class

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