Shaintar_J&L_Rangers of Bearheart

Session 22:

Dinner with Lady Minna

The rangers spent some time in Bearheart preparing for their next quest: to destroy the chalice. A celestial being informed Zaturak that the surest way to destroy the chalice was to use the supernatural heat of the “Jade Flame”. This led them to investigate the Order of the Jade Flame. As it turns out, a Warrior-Adept named Jaliss was in Bearheart and on his way back to the order outside of Bearheart.

There, they learned of the “Jade Flame:” a magical phenomena that manifested at certain loci and were often utilized by Adepts. If they could find one, they could use the magic of the flame to destroy the chalice. There, one of the older adepts, a Farseer, saw the family coat-of-arms on Belak’s cesti and recognized it. It was known that his clan guarded a Jade Flame at its clanhome. Unfortunately, it was now being held by agents of the Malakar Dominion.

It was decided that now was the time to journey to the clanhome. The Order sent 2 adepts: a warrior and a scholar.

Before departing, the rangers were joined by 2 goblinesh from the local Glazmish gather. Jerzy, the ogre warrior, and his friend (and handler) Bigg, the goblin; as well as a priest- a new friend of Zaturak who was spared despite the new war in the North.

Back in Bearheart, the rangers had dinner with Lady Minna, filling her in on their latest exploits. As usual, she was very curious and offered help.

After the dinner, they retired to their outpost. The adepts from the Order of the Jade flame, as well as Bigg and Jerzy were waiting for them. Early in the night, during Belak’s watch, someone was caught trying to scale the walls. Belak was able to put a couple bolts into him, sending him running. He would have caught him, but he tossed a couple smoke bombs, drank a healing potion, and escaped on horseback toward Bearheart.

XP: 2


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