Shaintar_J&L_Rangers of Bearheart

Session 21:

A Day in the Life.

After recovering the chalice, the rangers returned to Bearheart. The rangers met their new addition, Roderick; a human sorcerer and alchemist from Galea. With the help of the Church and a skilled blacksmith, they were able to melt down the black iron weapons they recovered from the temple, but not the chalice.

While guarding the chalice at the smith’s shop, at the stroke of 13th hour, on Darkest Night, the chalice began filling with blood from nowhere. The blood began to boil, and black steam filled the air. The steam coalesced into a trio of specters. While the rangers fought them, one of the smith’s apprentices was sent off to get a priest. The other became entranced and tried to take the cup. Fortunately, the rangers were able to defeat the specters and stop the apprentice.

Outside, things became chaotic as an elf fell to his knees, stricken with a sudden illness. Healing magic seemed to help slightly, but could not cure the disease. By the time the rangers made it to the church, the priests were busy putting down nearly all the dead in the cemetery.

This is where our campaign felt the effects of Rise of the Fallen story arc.

After a few days of investigation and divination, it is learned that Vainar has risen in the north, and a plague has fallen over the fey of Shaintar.

They spent a few weeks in Bearheart training, outfitting their outpost, and crafting potions.

XP: 2


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